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Our goal is for everyone to build a lifelong love for Wrestling, starting with getting everyone in the best possible shape. This is an important facet of the sport and is the foundation for building self confidence. Everyone will have the opportunity to wrestle for Colts Neck either in a dual meet or a tournament. It is important to the Coaching Staff that this be a positive experience so that the wrestlers will have the desire to continue throughout both high school and college.


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Each wrestler will be weighed several times throughout the season. The goal is to assign each wrestler to a weight class that is comfortable for them. The Coaching Staff will not encourage any wrestler to cut weight. We will work with each of the wrestlers at their present weight to ensure that they are competitive at that weight class..


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Dual Meets
Dual matches will be held Thursdays, and home matches will be at either the Bucks Mill Community Center, the Conover Road Elementary School gym,or the Conover Road Primary School cafetorium. Matches usually run from 6:30 p.m.to 8:30 p.m. During the month of December we will have at least 2 invitational dual meets, and particpate in at least one novice tournament. The bulk of the season takes place in January and February, with many dual matches, fun night "Roll- Arounds", and tournaments. It's a great way to get exercise and competition during those cold winter months!! Please see the calendar for updates to the schedule.


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There are many tournaments that are available to the Team in the nearby area. Participation will be determined by the Coaching Staff. Most Tournaments are on Sundays and normally take up most of the day. Be prepared for a long day. At the tournaments, the wrestlers are normally matched up by age, weight, and experience level, giving everyone the opportunity to place.


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All wrestlers are covered for dual meets. If the Team enters a tournament the wrestlers are responsible for the entry fee, which is usually $15 to $20. These fees will be collected in advance to ensure Team participation.


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The Team will supply each wrestler with a uniform for competition, a Team tee shirt, shorts, and a sweatshirt. The wrestlers will each be responsible for headgear and wrestling shoes. Both items can be purchased at local sports shops such as Athlete�s Alley in Shrewsbury. Practice gear is usually a tee shirt, a pair of shorts, headgear and wrestling shoes. Mouthpieces can also be worn if desired. Mouthpieces are required for wrestlers that have braces for both their own protection and their opponents. Knee pads are at the wrestlers own discretion.


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It is important that all wrestlers keep themselves clean during the wrestling season. This is the first step in protecting them from skin problems. Prior to every practice the mats will be sanitized. This will help reduce any risk for skin infections. Wrestlers are required to keep their fingernails trimmed and cover any scratches, cuts, or wounds with a clean dressing. Mandatory skin checks will be conducted during the season.


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The Coaches are participating because of their love for the sport. Therefore, we request that each of the wrestlers respect the sport and be prepared to work hard. Our goal is to ensure that each wrestler has a good time but also improves his or her skill level and increases his or her physical endurance. Practices will be held at the Bucks Mill Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Special wednesday night sessions will be held for advanced/middle school wrestlers on specified dates during the season. Please be on time and ensure each wrestler has water.


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With signing of the registration form, participants will be covered by the general liability policy held by the Colts Neck Sports Foundation.


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Wrestling is a contact sport and injuries can and do happen. Good coaching can minimize this risk. The personnel in this organization have many years of experience and this will reduce any risk associated with this sport.

It should be emphasized that the nature of the sport is demanding, and as a precaution, it is recommended that all participants should be in good physical shape. Physical conditioning will be incorporated into the curriculum of this program.


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